Connection Catalyst | Investor Relations

Investor Advocate: Nurturing trust and collaboration.

Dubai, UAE
Job Level
Employment Type
Full time

Job description

As the Connection Catalyst at myqubator, you will be a crucial link between the incubator and potential investors. Your primary responsibility will be to foster strong relationships with investors, promote investment opportunities to the network of investors periodically, and support the startups in securing funding for their ventures. As a member of the management team, you will actively contribute to the success of the incubator by facilitating connections and securing vital financial support for the startups.

Job responsibilities

1. Investor Relations: Cultivate and maintain relationships with potential investors, venture capitalists, angel investors, and other funding sources to create a robust network of financial supporters for the startups.

2. Investment Opportunities: Identify and evaluate investment opportunities that align with the incubator's objectives and the startups' needs, facilitating introductions and interactions between investors and promising ventures.

3. Startup Support: Collaborate with startups within the incubator, providing guidance on refining pitch decks, business plans, and financial models to enhance their appeal to investors.

4. Quarterly Open House: Organize and manage the quarterly open house event, coordinating logistics, invitations, and presentations to showcase startups' progress and achievements.

5. Networking and Engagement: Facilitate networking sessions during the open house to encourage meaningful interactions between investors and startups, fostering potential investment opportunities.

6. Investor Feedback: Gather feedback from investors regarding their impressions and interests, providing valuable insights to the management team and startups.

7. Follow-Up: After the event, ensure prompt follow-up with investors, providing additional information as needed and supporting any potential investment inquiries.

8. Cross-Collaboration: Work closely with the management team and other departments to align investment strategies with the overall vision of the incubator, ensuring optimal support for startups.

9. External Networking Events: Ensure regular participation in networking events, investor meetups, and pitch sessions to promote the incubator's startups and attract potential investors.

10. Due Diligence: Conduct thorough due diligence on prospective investors and funding sources to safeguard the interests of the incubator and its startups.

Job requirements

1. Education: Bachelor's degree in Finance, Business Administration, Economics, or a related field.

2. Experience: Proven experience in investor relations, venture capital, or investment banking, with a track record of successful funding and deal-making.

3. Networking Skills: Strong networking abilities to establish and maintain relationships with investors and funding entities.

4. Startup Experience: Previous involvement in the startup ecosystem or experience working with early-stage ventures is advantageous.

5. Analytical Skills: Ability to analyze financial data, market trends, and business strategies to make informed investment decisions.

6. Communication Skills: Excellent communication and presentation skills to effectively pitch startups to potential investors and convey complex financial information clearly.

7. Cross-Functional Collaboration: Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with diverse teams, understanding their needs and aligning investor support accordingly.

As the Connection Catalyst, you will have a direct impact on the growth and success of myqubator's startups by facilitating connections with investors and securing vital funding. Your role as a bridge between the incubator and potential investors is crucial in promoting a thriving entrepreneurial community, emphasizing the spirit of co-working and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.