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myqubator™ offers a unique approach to startup growth, customizing your path for a transformative journey ahead.

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myqubator™ is more than an incubator; we are your strategic partner. As we carry the load, you can focus on your goals and aspirations. Your MY18™ journey offers flexibility and performance-driven support, ensuring you reach new heights on your startup voyage. Embark on a transformative journey and redefine your success story.

we embrace

your stage.

We celebrate the diversity of startups, understanding that each is at a different stage of its journey. Whether you're a budding idea or a thriving venture, we custom-tailor the MY18 program to meet your unique needs. No need to follow a predetermined path; we assess your merits, align with your ambitions.

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At myqubator™, our ecosystem is a catalyst for success, blending creativity, learning, and high performance. Healthy competition and collaboration between startups, individuals, and businesses fuel an environment where every team performs at their peak. Join us on this transformative journey, where your startup thrives and conquers new horizons.

revolutionary growth blueprint: your unique myqubator™ journey.

At myqubator™, we understand that every startup embarks on a distinctive journey. We shun the "one size fits all" approach, believing in personalized solutions. During the MYSTUDIO time, we collaboratively define your roadmap, aligning your vision with a tailored timeline. Whether you're at the idea stage, possess an MVP, or seek acceleration, MY18™ ensures your growth path suits your unique aspirations both in timeline and exit strategy.



Seal Your Success

During our meticulous process, we review and develop the business and go-to-market plans. We confirm the corporate structure, assess IP opportunities, and evaluate financial viability. We carefully address human resources, mentorship needs, and legal requirements. By assessing financial requirements and myqubator™ interest, we create a project development timeline. Finally, we grant project approval or rejection.

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@ 6 Months Mark

We thoroughly review the status of milestones and the executed project model. Ensuring project viability aligns with defined goals, we diligently prepare for market entry.

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@ 12 Months Mark

Prepare for launching the tenant as an independent unit, assess that the first-year P&L is well aligned with targets. We conduct an independent business valuation and ensure a polished pitch deck is ready. Presenting to potential investors, we address the revenue model to enhance market share and prepare for an initial exit plan.

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@ 18 Months Mark

We actively pursue investors and partners, organizing an annual event to connect incubators with potential investors, VCs, private equity firms, and family offices.

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