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our vision.

Empowering startups to redefine the future.

At myqubator™, our vision is to unleash a new era of entrepreneurial brilliance. We envision a world where visionary startups not only thrive but also disrupt industries and lead monumental change. Our commitment lies in fostering an ecosystem that fuels innovation, collaboration, and unparalleled growth. We strive to create an environment where startups become global powerhouses, shaping the future of industries worldwide.

our mission.

Igniting a revolution of exponential growth.

With our mission, we empower breathtaking startups through strategic investments and unrivaled support. At myqubator™ LTD, we identify, invest in, and nurture high-potential ventures, propelling them to achieve remarkable success. We aim to unleash their true potential, paving the way for groundbreaking innovations and unlocking limitless possibilities. Together, let's propel entrepreneurship to new heights.

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Funding opportunities
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transforming the success of start-ups.

Greetings potential stakeholders, investors, and aspiring entrepreneurs, As the CEO of myqubator, I'm genuinely thrilled to welcome you all aboard and very proud to introduce you to our ground-breaking venture—an absolute game-changer in the startup incubation scene.  Our mission isn't just about creating value; it's about equipping founders with everything they need to not only bring their revolutionary ideas to life but to make them thrive!
I have always thought that the West Coast mentality of “fail fast” was a bit of a joke… Why would you actually embark on a venture and want to fail?  I’d rather avoid it if I could!  At myqubator, we're flipping the script. We recognize the challenges stacked against startups and their investors. The current startup ecosystems and incubators are just not fit for purpose - they're falling well short. They plainly lack the resources, expertise, and focus necessary to deliver success.

— Gordon Henderson | Chief Executive Officer | myqubator™
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