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united in vision and commitment.

Inspired by UAE's Visionary Leadership.

We are driven by a shared vision and unwavering commitment. Today, we embark on this journey because we've been fortunate to witness visionary leadership in the UAE that champions innovation and creativity. A leadership that prioritizes the well-being of its people and provides unwavering support to those who strive and dream big. Our mission is to pave the way for future generations, granting them the opportunity to realize their dreams and participate in the global economy.

fueled by ambition, forging legacies.

Unleashing human potential, shaping the future.

We recognize the immense talent within our region, yet acknowledge the barriers they face in accessing resources and expertise. That's why we're here – to bridge the gap and transfer knowledge to those who seek it. We firmly believe in the power of the human mind and the strength of unwavering dedication. We aim to be the driving force that ignites and fuels the aspirations of ambitious individuals. Together, we will create a legacy that will shape the future for generations to come.

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Funding opportunities
Funding opportunities
Funding opportunities
Funding opportunities
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a journey of shared success.

At myqubator™, we believe in active involvement and continuous support. We work closely with our startups, providing guidance, mentorship, and resources to help them achieve their ambitious goals. By investing with us, you gain full transparency and visibility into how your capital is being utilized, ensuring peace of mind.

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diversify for collective success.

Our approach mitigates risk by diversifying investments across 20 high-potential startups annually. This means that your investment is spread across multiple ventures, amplifying the potential for collective success. Join us in multiplying your capital and your impact by backing these carefully curated startups. Together, we will redefine the future of innovation and reap the rewards of their achievements.

where ambitions take flight and soar.

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"I extend a heartfelt welcome to myqubator™, where possibilities soar and groundbreaking opportunities await. We are extending an exclusive invitation for you to open your horizons and delve into a world of unparalleled potential, one that promises to shape industries and redefine the future of entrepreneurship."

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jameel qeblawi
founder | myqubator™ UAE chapter
Technology incubator

fuel innovation, ignite your investment portfolio.

Unleash the power of disruptive startups. Multiply your investment potential with myqubator™ curated portfolio of innovative ventures.

Ignite your investment portfolio with game-changing startups. Join us in fueling innovation and driving remarkable returns.

invest in innovation,
reap the rewards.

What sets myqubator™ apart from other incubators or platforms? Join our investment program and be part of the next big success story.


selecting excellence

Our Uncompromising Process for Startup Evaluation


empowering innovation

Unleashing the Potential with our Trade Secret Program


purpose-driven pathway

Guiding Startups to Success with Our Defined Program


thriving together

Building a Strong Community of Entrepreneurs and Investors


open communication

Fostering Transparency and Collaboration at myqubator™


global expertise

Accessing Industry Specialists for Strategic Insights


modular solutions

Crafting a Customized Journey for Every Startup


crystal-clear purpose

Aligning Entrepreneurial Dreams with Tangible Goals


embracing the digital age

Harnessing Technology for Enhanced Startup Growth, Governance and Investor Visibility

join myqubator™ community and invest in the top 1% startups worldwide.


How do I invest in myqubator™ startups?

Investing in myqubator™ startups is a straightforward process. By reaching out to us, you can share your investment interests and appetite, enabling us to better understand your preferences. Once we have a detailed understanding of your profile, we will keep you informed about investment opportunities that align with your preferences. Alternatively, you also have the option to invest in our ADGM fund under formation, which will provide a diversified investment across all the startups incubated by myqubator™. This approach allows you to benefit from a diverse portfolio and the potential for significant returns on your investment. Feel free to contact us, and our team will guide you through the investment process and address any queries you may have.


What are the benefits of investing with myqubator™?

Not just any startup that comes our way gets our investment. We carefully consider the businesses to collaborate with because we want to ensure that your investment will yield the highest return possible. Our primary benefit is that, in startups, we not only assume a co-founder role but also collaborate with the business to ensure its success by:

1. Accelerating growth
2. Management of Cap Tables: Equity Dilution
3. Establishing a distinct income model
4. Control of a precise valuation strategy
5. Ethical management principles mentoring
6. Creating an HR Retention Plan
7. Raising awareness in the region
8. Broadening the scope


What are the advantages of investing?

Investing with myqubator™ has a number of advantages beyond providing investors with a low-risk access into early-stage firms. These consist of:

1. access to a worldwide community of entrepreneurs and investors.
2. a group of knowledgeable experts who will collaborate with you to maximize your investment.
3. a hands-on approach to startup investing that will allow you to participate in the company's growth.
4. a concentration on high-potential enterprises that could provide you with a significant return on your investment.


What is the minimum investor ticket size?

AED 500,000.00 Dirhams


When will the ADGM fund be ready?

Thank you for your interest in myqubator™ upcoming fund launch in the first quarter of 2024. We are excited about this opportunity and would love to keep you informed about the developments. If you are interested in investing and want to receive updates about the fund launch, please reach out to us by visiting our website. By doing so, you'll stay connected with us and receive timely updates regarding the fund's progress, investment opportunities, and other related information. We appreciate your support and look forward to having you as an investor in myqubator™ future endeavors. Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you may have.


What is the anticipated fund's lifecycle?

The fund has a five-year term.


What are the estimated returns for the investors?

Over the course of the fund's life, our aim is to achieve ≥15% year on year.


Can investors influence which startups myqubator™ works with?

It is important to clarify that while investors are welcome to suggest or present startups to myqubator™, the ultimate responsibility for startup selection and decision-making lies solely with the investment panel. The investment panel follows a stringent and meticulous selection and review process to ensure the highest success rates for the chosen startups.

If investors wish to nominate a startup, they have the option to place the startup under the custody of myqubator™. Once under custody, the nominated startup will receive the same level of support and resources as any other startup associated with myqubator™. This support may be offered in exchange for equity in the startup or against a specific fee, depending on the terms agreed upon.

However, it's essential to emphasize that any funding required for the nominated startup will be the sole responsibility of the investor and not the fund. While myqubator™ may facilitate the nurturing and development of the startup, the financial backing must come directly from the investor.

Furthermore, the investment panel of myqubator™ retains the right to consider the nominated startup for investment from the fund if and when they deem it necessary. This implies that even if an investor places a startup under myqubator™'s custody, there is no guarantee that the myqubator fund will automatically invest in that particular startup. The decision to invest from the fund will be at the discretion of the investment panel, based on their evaluation and analysis.

By maintaining a clear distinction between investor responsibility and myqubator™'s involvement, the incubator can operate efficiently and fairly while maximizing the potential for success for the startups in their portfolio.


Who is the nominated fund manager?

Burj Financials, DIFC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Will investors get early-mover advantage on high-growth startup opportunities?

Yes, myqubator™ works with some of the most promising startups in the region and around the world. As an investor in the fund, you will have access to these opportunities before they are made available to the public.


What is expected from investors?

We expect our investors to be committed to supporting the myqubator™ startup investment processes. We also expect our investors to be active and involved in the success of the startups we work with.


What is the process for making an investment?

Please get in touch with us to set up a meeting if you're interested in investing in myqubator™ or the fund. We will talk about your investment goals and objectives during the meeting →.  


As an investor, can I participate in the mentorship of the startups?

We welcome and urge investors and industry professionals alike to serve as mentors or advisors to entrepreneurs in the future. We invite partners with specialized knowledge of the business to join the program and take part in the mentoring. Beyond this level of direct involvement, we regularly update and communicate with all investors to keep them informed of how their portfolio companies are doing.

More about mentorship →


How frequently will I receive updates regarding my investment?

As part of our commitment to transparency and governance, all investors are provided with a unique username and password to access our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Within the ERP, investors have 100% visibility into the day-to-day progress of each and every startup associated with myqubator™. This level of transparency allows investors to closely monitor milestones, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), cash drawdowns, and other relevant metrics. We believe that transparency is a key component of our philosophy, enabling our investors to make informed decisions and stay updated on the performance of their investments.

Moreover, in addition to the ERP access, all investors receive quarterly reports from myqubator™ outlining the status of each firm in the portfolio. These reports provide detailed financial data, milestone accomplishments, and plans for the following three months. Our commitment to transparent communication extends beyond these reports, as we frequently inform investors about the progress of the chosen businesses and any significant milestones they have reached in relation to the program's objectives. We value the trust our investors place in us and strive to keep them well-informed at every step of the journey.


What will the structure of the ADGM Fund?

The ADGM fund will take equity stake in the startups myqubator™ work with. The equity we take depends on several factors, including the stage of the startup, the size of the investment, and the potential for return on investment.


How does the fund secure its equity in the startups?

At myqubator™, we use the SAfE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) instrument as the standard agreement to secure fair valuation and shares in the startup companies we invest in. The SAFE is a widely recognized and founder-friendly investment tool that provides a straightforward mechanism for allocating equity to investors. This approach ensures a transparent and efficient process, allowing both the fund and the startup founders to focus on driving innovation and growth without the complexities often associated with traditional equity investments. Through the SAFE instrument, we forge strong partnerships with startups, supporting their journey to success and maximizing returns for our investors.


How are valuations conducted?

Valuations are conducted through a thorough and robust process. We initiate an internal valuation as part of the MY18™ path, a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the startup's performance, potential, and market position. The MY18™ path helps us gather essential data and insights to arrive at a preliminary valuation.

To ensure an unbiased and independent assessment, we complement our internal valuation with a third-party external valuation. The external valuation is conducted by a reputable and impartial valuation expert who examines the startup's financials, market opportunities, competitive landscape, and other relevant factors. By leveraging the expertise of external evaluators, we strive to arrive at a fair and accurate valuation, which serves as a solid foundation for our investment decisions and future fundraising rounds.

By combining internal and external valuations, we can confidently determine the final value of the startup. This approach ensures transparency, credibility, and fairness in the valuation process, benefiting both the startup and our investors.