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maryam shahin

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Maryam Shahin: Expert in the SME Sector

As an ambitious and forward-thinking entrepreneur, Maryam Shahin is a force to be reckoned with in the world of small and medium-sized enterprises. With an impressive 15 years of experience at top UAE Government organizations, Maryam has honed her skills and expertise in marketing and designing programs that accelerate startups.

Maryam's journey began with a bachelor's degree in Communication from RMIT University in Australia. Armed with her passion for creativity and boundless energy, she quickly made a name for herself in the startup world, getting involved in various projects in the region. Her background is rooted in the world of emerging Design Thinking approaches and crafting programs that accelerate the growth and success of startups.

One of Maryam's greatest strengths lies in her ability to mentor and guide young entrepreneurs on their startup journey. Drawing from her own experiences and the challenges she faced in establishing businesses in the region, Maryam offers invaluable insights and strategies on how to mitigate risks and navigate the competitive landscape. This has led to her involvement in different startup panel committees, including prestigious organizations such as Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment SME, Intelak by Emirates Airline, and Hamdan Incubator (HI2) by Dubai SME.

Driven by a deep desire to transform bold and innovative ideas into amazing products and services, Maryam excels at leading user-centric marketing strategies and service design. Her expertise lies in developing strategies that prioritize the needs and preferences of the target audience, ensuring that startups create maximum impact and resonate with their customers.

By positioning Maryam Shahin as an expert in the SME sector, we highlight her extensive experience, expertise, and passion for fostering the growth and success of startups. Her ability to guide, mentor, and share her knowledge on establishing businesses in the region positions her as a valuable asset to any aspiring entrepreneur. Joining forces with Maryam means gaining access to a wealth of industry insights, invaluable connections, and unparalleled support on the path to launching successful ventures.

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