Visionary In Chief | CEO

Steering the ship — Empowering startups to soar.

Dubai, UAE
Job Level
Employment Type
Full time

Job description

As the Visionary In Chief (CEO) of MYQUBATOR, you will hold the highest leadership position in the organization, responsible for setting, upholding, and executing the overall vision and strategy of the incubator. Your primary role is to provide visionary leadership, inspire the team, and drive the success and growth of the incubator and its startup community. You will be the driving force behind creating a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and promoting a culture of innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

In addition to the above, the Visionary In Chief is responsible for:

1. Adhering to MYQUBATOR Program: Ensuring the incubator's adherence to the MYQUBATOR program and guidelines, fostering a consistent and supportive environment for startups.

2. Brand Upholding: Taking responsibility for upholding the MYQUBATOR brand, adhering to agreements with the principal brand owners in the UK, and maintaining brand consistency and integrity.

3. Positioning in the UAE: Strategically positioning MYQUBATOR within the UAE, managing media interactions, press relations, networking events, and investor meetings to strengthen MYQUBATOR's presence.

4. Supportive Role: Ensuring that the incubator management does not attempt to manage or control the startups, promoting a culture where the MYQUBATOR team serves as a support mechanism for the startups.

5. Mentor Attraction: Actively attracting mentors to support startups, fostering a strong mentorship network within the incubator.

6. Industry Challenges: Constantly reporting on challenges in the startup industry and sharing insights with respective authorities to contribute to the reshaping of the startup ecosystem.

7. Public Representation: Being the public face and figure for MYQUBATOR in the UAE, representing the incubator at various events and forums.

8. Expansion of Services: Expanding MYQUBATOR's presence by offering services and ERP systems to other incubators and startup investors, both locally and globally.

9. Collaborations: Initiating collaborations with international and local incubators whose visions align with MYQUBATOR's, fostering a network of mutually beneficial partnerships.

10. Industry-Centric Incubators: Working on expanding MYQUBATOR to create industry-centric incubators through partnerships or expansions based on application trends.

11. Global Attraction: Ensuring a global reach to attract startups from around the world, further diversifying the MYQUBATOR community and expanding its impact.

Job responsibilities

1. Strategic Leadership: Develop and communicate a compelling vision and mission for myqubator, guiding the incubator's growth and long-term success.

2. Business Development: Identify and pursue strategic partnerships, collaborations, and expansion opportunities to enhance the incubator's impact.

3. Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with stakeholders, investors, and industry experts to garner support for the incubator's mission and objectives.

4. Talent and Team Building: Attract and retain top talent, fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, and diversity within the incubator's team.

5. Financial Oversight: Work closely with the Master of Finance to ensure the financial stability and sustainability of the incubator.

6. Community Building: Nurture a vibrant and supportive startup community, encouraging co-working and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

7. Innovation and Adaptability: Foster a culture of innovation and adaptability, encouraging startups to embrace new ideas and technologies.

8. The Visionary In Chief holds a permanent seat on the investment committee, which is responsible for screening and handpicking startups. Additionally, the Visionary In Chief possesses exclusive veto rights as per the bylaws.

Job requirements

1. Education: Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, or a related field. Advanced degrees or relevant certifications are advantageous.

2. Experience: Extensive experience in leadership and management roles, preferably in the startup ecosystem or business incubation.

3. Visionary Thinking: Strong visionary thinking and strategic planning skills to shape the future of the incubator and its startups.

4. Leadership Abilities: Demonstrated leadership skills to inspire and guide the team, fostering a cohesive and collaborative work environment.

5. Entrepreneurial Spirit: A strong entrepreneurial mindset and understanding of the challenges faced by startups.

6. Communication Skills: Exceptional communication and public speaking abilities to effectively convey the incubator's mission and vision.

7. Networking and Relationship Building: Excellent networking skills to connect with stakeholders, investors, and industry influencers.

8. Resilience and Adaptability: Ability to navigate ambiguity and lead the incubator through changing market dynamics.

Your visionary leadership and proactive initiatives will play a pivotal role in positioning MYQUBATOR as a leader in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. By upholding the brand, fostering supportive relationships, and driving expansions and collaborations, you will contribute to creating a thriving and globally impactful incubator that supports startups in their journey to success.